Reorder positions/classes is gone in MLS 3.7.4

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Reorder positions/classes is gone in MLS 3.7.4


Post by wynnc »

I noticed that the "Reorder" positions/classes capability is gone with MLS 3.7.4. It was nice to be able to put the callings and classes in order of age or other parameters. Is this the way it will be or is this missing capability an oversight?
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Re: Reorder positions/classes is gone in MLS 3.7.4


Post by jdlessley »

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Re: Reorder positions/classes is gone in MLS 3.7.4


Post by scgallafent »

This is by design. There are two changes you are describing:

1) Class sorting has been removed

The next release of CDOL will start providing information to MLS that will allow MLS to sort classes according to a CDOL-defined sort order. This will result in classes and organizations being sorted in the same order in MLS as they are in Leader and Clerk Resources. This is part of the preparation for the transition to LCR.

During the period between the MLS and CDOL releases, MLS doesn't have the information needed to implement the sort order. Rather than implement a hybrid system that would leave the existing sort functionality in place and then switch over, we opted to remove the sort functionality. We recognize this leaves a gap of a few weeks where things aren't sorted for some units, but felt this was an acceptable trade-off vs. the technical issues involved with a system that tries to do both.

2) Calling sorting has been removed

Callings are now sorted in "order" in the leadership section (High Priests Group Leader, High Priests Group First Assistant, High Priests Group Second Assistant, High Priests Group Secretary, etc.) in leadership panels. In "other callings" panels, callings should be sorted alphabetically.

This is also a change related to the transition to Leader and Clerk Resources. CDOL is being updated to create additional sub-organizations within existing organizations. Here is a sub-organization list from a sample primary: Primary Presidency, Music, Valiant 11A, Valiant 11B, Valiant 10 Boys, Valiant 10 Girls, Valiant 9, Valiant 8, Valiant 8B, CTR 7, CTR 6, CTR 5, CTR 4, Sunbeam, Nursery, Unassigned Teachers, Cub Scouts, Eleven-Year-Old Scouts, and Activity Days. The Cub Scouts sub-org contains additional sub-orgs: Wolf Den, Bear Den, and Webelos Den.

The MLS user interface flattens the callings in these sub-orgs into a single "other callings" panel. Since we're mixing callings from different organizations with different hierarchies, we made the decision to sort all of those callings alphabetically to provide some sort of understandable sorting. You can click on column headers in the calling list to sort by class name, member name, or sustain date, which should cover most use cases.
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