Bible Video App download error in iPad mini Retina

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Bible Video App download error in iPad mini Retina


Post by calutex »

I am posting this here in addition to LDS IT's original suggestion in a differ part of LDS Tech forum, because this may actually be where it needs to be posted. I apologize for any duplication of effort.

After downloading MANY Bible Video videos within the Bible Video App on an Apple iPad mini with Retina, the App now says it has no internet connection and cannot download a video.

I had previously cued up many videos and let it download. It seemed to download them for a while then stopped. After a couple days I canceled those that were cued up for download.

Then I tried to download one of the videos again. It worked once. Then I noticed 1-2 of the previously canceled videos had downloaded. After that I found that I could not download anymore videos.

The error message comes up saying there is no internet connection, but there is. I've closed the Bible Video App, then restarted it. Same error (no internet).

I did a hard boot of the iPad (hold down home key and power button until Apple logo appears) with same result - Bible app says there is no internet connection. I've surfed other websites and know there is an internet connection.

Interestingly, I went to the Apple App Store to try to download the Bible App again (without first deleting it from the iPad) and I got a similar error - stating that there was no internet connection. It was connected, as usual, however. I tried it again and this time it opened the Bible Video App immediately.

Note that the App itself works perfectly other than the video download does not work. I'd just say it chokes. My next step would be to delete the Bible Video App from the device and reinstall it but I don't want to lose all the downloaded video content, and the maps, stories, etc. content which I also downloaded.

I checked the Apple video app (like YouTube) and none of the Bible Videos are stored there. Apparently all downloaded Bible Videos are stored internally to the App. I do not see a separate heading to post for help on the Bible Videos App so LDS IT & Internet support told me to use the category.

It's a beautiful and elegant app with stunning video content. Thank you for that. Please help with the download issue.

(Is there a limit to the number of videos it can manage internally? It seemed that if I deleted one video it would let me download a different one, but then that stopped working, too, after a few attempts.)

Regards, David in Dallas
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Re: Bible Video App download error in iPad mini Retina


Post by jdlessley »

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JD Lessley
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Re: Bible Video App download error in iPad mini Retina


Post by calutex »

Yes. I have now looked both places. I do not see anything on that topic. Please help me find a solution from someone to troubleshoot the issue.

I returned to the Bible Video App and collected a list of the videos that will not download. See below.

These videos do not download into the LDS Bible video App.

Christ and the rich young ruler
The naming of John the Baptist
Young Jesus teaches in the temple
The 10 virgins
The parable of the talents
You have done it unto me
The Nativity
Jesus heals a man born blind
Jesus teaches that we must become as little children
Suffer the little children to come unto me
Jesus declares the parable of the lost sheep
Jesus heals the lame man on the Sabbath
Seek ye the kingdom of God
Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.
The good Shepherd and other sheep I have
Jesus acclaims John the Baptist / Come unto me
Peter's revelation to take the gospel to the Gentiles
Forgive 70 times 7
The prodigal son
The kingdom of heaven
Jesus declares the parable of the wheat and the tares
The greatest commandment
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Re: Bible Video App download error in iPad mini Retina


Post by mike.cook »

I have the same problem on my Ipad Air. The bible video app will stream videos (so we no its connected to the internet) but when I want to download content to my device it gives the "No internet connection" error message.

Please advise on a solution.

On a second point, I had downloaded a lot of the bible videos in the gospel library app which I lost after updating the gospel library app. Please do not ever do that again. I live in an area where data is expensive and it will cost me a lot to get it all back.
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