LCR not working with Firefox 36.0.1?

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Re: LCR not working with Firefox 36.0.1?


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rickk wrote:What function does it do and I will try to see if the Mac has an equivalent.
F5 is refresh. Ctrl-F5 is a super refresh..
Have you searched the Help Center? Try doing a Google search and adding "" to the search criteria.

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Re: LCR not working with Firefox 36.0.1?


Post by rwilliab »

I am seeing the same issue on my Mac using Safari. I attempted clearing the cache, restarting my computer, etc. with no results. Working in Chrome, however, does allow me to use the functionality of the LCR. Here's hoping the tech team will get LCR functioning again in Safari!
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Re: LCR not working with Firefox 36.0.1?


Post by jkitterman »

We identified and fixed a bug where a javascript file was truncated in one of our cache servers. That caused the application to not work for people who got that file cached in their browsers prior to the fix on Sunday morning.

Because we have multiple cache servers, and only one of them was bad, it only affected users unlucky enough to get the bad file. It affects all browsers, not just Firefox. Clearing your browser cache will fix the problem if you still see it. We will release a new version of the app that will load fresh files later on today.
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