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Sophos Tips


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It is a good idea to check the Sophos status from time to time. I have noticed that it will stop auto updating occasionally and sometimes it will get the perma red X through the shield icon. Reinstalling Sophos is the quickest way to resolve these issues. The church recently put a new installer on the computer apps page on ... y-software. This installer is much better than the previous one (I'm sure most of you have experienced long download times and computer resets while using the old installer). It also automatically uninstalls and reinstalls Sophos, so you don't need to use the Service Center provided uninstaller to get back up and running.

The following are signs Sophos is misbehaving and should be reinstalled:
  • Permanent Red X through the S Shield icon even though it maybe updating fine.
  • Windows Notification (should be a white flag in the bottom right corner near where the Sophos shield icon loads) about out-dated virus/malware software even though Sophos is running.
  • Manually updating Sophos always says no files were updated no matter how many times you try (right click on the Sophos Shield icon to bring up the update command).
  • The Sophos virus files become out of date consistently (you can check the Sophos file dates under the security control center, click help in the top menu and select view product information).
It is a great idea to train clerks how to recognize some of these issues, so you don't have to monitor all the stake computers all the time. The ward clerks also have access to the Sophos installer so they can fix it themselves if they are inclined (your mileage may vary here, I have 10 wards with 10 Ward clerks all at different technical skill levels).
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