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Temple Scheduling Website?


Post by dwilton1 »

Temple Scheduling Website for the Coordinators, and the lack there of.

My father is a temple coordinator, and is having difficulty with the MS Word and Excel 2010 software; although these seem like great tools; I am always asked how to do something. For instance, in Word and Excel 2010 you have a zoom bar on the bottom right of the software; accidentally adjusting this setting (through the touch screen or the mouse) can make your text and document humongous, and not knowing how to correct the problem creates frustration; little things like this and more are prevalent in these software for the older adult generations. I am also stuck with question like how to merge and combine cells, and such.

Where is the simple drag and drop software for the scheduling for the Temples?!?

I searched this forum and found http://www.ldstemple.ca; however, I not the one to install free, closed source, and 3rd party software on my computer.
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Re: Temple Scheduling Website?


Post by johnshaw »

It looks like a simple solution created by someone in need. This is how most of us do our callings in the Church. There are many programs and tools that could save thousands and thousands of hours that are duplicated across callings in every ward and stake that remain untouched by the Church developers. So we make due with what we can.

If you don't trust the software to install it, don't have the means to write something yourself, your option is to keep things status quo. As far as I know, only a stake president can talk to the correct people to have something like this tackled by the Church. A temple president might also inquire... I'd be surprised it it didn't happen already.
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