Webcast Building to Building Broadcast Recording

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Webcast Building to Building Broadcast Recording


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We just switched over to the new Vidiu based Webcast system in our stake center. We did our first broadcast.

I understand that we need permission before recording a broadcast.

I am asking this question for the technical aspects. We will make sure we get the correct permission.

Our old system had a VCR / DVD recorder for recording broadcasts. We decided to simplify the wiring and setup went we went to the new Vidiu based system.

My hope was that there was some kind of built in recording available either in the Vidiu or in the LDS webcasting servers. I have not been able to find anything. It seems to me that the webcast server should be able to record a broadcast.

My question is this: what is the correct / supported way to record a building to building broadcast using the Vidiu and LDS broadcasting server system?
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Re: Webcast Building to Building Broadcast Recording


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The vidiu is an encoder ONLY so no recording available there. Assuming you are able to get permission, you will have run your hdmi feed into a splitter when one will go into your external recorder (standalone/computer/etc.) and the other to your vidiu.

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