Need help to print a list in LCR system

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Need help to print a list in LCR system


Post by beusrw »

If I go into LCR to "Hometeaching" and then click the tab "Companionships" I find the grand list of Districts with HT companionships and assigned families! Great, except, if you try to print it, it grows into a mammoth 40 page document!! That is an incredible waste of paper. Under the MLS system that same list is only 4 pages long!! We take that list to PEC or Quorum Presidency meetings for discussion. Who wants to discuss a 40 page document?? Can someone help me find a way to print a condensed list (4 pages or less) of the HT Districts and their respective companionships and assigned families?? Thanks, -Ray Beus, Mesa AZ
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Re: Need help to print a list in LCR system


Post by nikk3hi3tala »

Can you clarify what type of list you wish to print? If you click the Print icon, there are 4 different options to choose from. Did you try all of these and wasn't any of them what you wanted?
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Re: Need help to print a list in LCR system


Post by McLaughlinES »

Our VT Coordinator had that happen to her. She was not waiting for the PDF to be created for "Save" or Print". She right clicked on the save which does not work other that do a full print of the web page using the browser print function. Once I showed her how to print using the built in LCR print function she got a much reduced list.
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Re: Need help to print a list in LCR system


Post by kellymab »

Along those same lines of difficulty printing the lists, our VT coordinator was having issues trying to print each district individually to email to the district leaders. If all districts are showing, when you go to print, it will print everything alphabetically by the senior companion's last name and ignore district assignments.

We found that if you select the arrow on the right hand side next to the district names, it will collapse that district. Keep open only the district you want to print/run reports on. For some reason, we did have to select the third print option to preview and close, before opening the first option to actually print the assignment lists that she wanted. I think this caused the system to actually acknowledge that the other districts were closed. If someone who has access to LCR can double check for me if you do have to select the third option before the first, I would appreciate it.

I'm sorry if this is rather vague, but I don't have access to LCR (I'm writing this from memory after helping solve the issue). I'm only the website admin/technology person in my ward. I was asked to help solve this problem by the ward RS as I follow this forum to help the presidencies out with website issues.
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