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Today, I was informed that wasn't coming up on the clerk computers. I checked it out and sure enough I wasn't able to get

I tried different browsers and I get the same results. I'm wondering if others are having the same issue.

I have rebooted the computer and still have the same issue. I also can't get to it on my phone using my browser there. I haven't done any further troubleshooting.

If I go off the local network and use 4G I get to the website. So I'm wondering if the firewall is blocking. When I get a connection reset that usually tells me that something is blocking us.

Look forward to replies.
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This sounds like the problem reported in not working inside firewall. See in particular this post, which contains a possible workaround involving editing the hosts file. The workaround is not a great solution for many computers, but if it works, it would at least narrow the scope of the problem.
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I was able to get on just fine today using both chrome and Firefox.
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We started having this problem in one of our buildings again as well. Very frustrating.
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