other wards not showing as updated

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other wards not showing as updated


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Had a stake conference today and during the breakout training session for clerks learned that 3 other wards in my stake have their maps up to date with most of the homes moved to their exact locations. My ward is done and I can see that it is and I had assumed that the fact that the other wards showed as not done simply meant no one had worked on it. The homes dots show on the other wards but all I can see is the map as it was a year or 2 ago with just a couple of homes moved to their exact locations.

Is this a glitch for my ward or stake? A programming error? or a design feature? Surely if I can look up an address for someone in another ward in the directory function then I should be able to see it on the map shouldn't I? I don't see a reason to make the maps higher security than the directory. Which would say it is either a glitch for my stake or a programming error probably?
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