How do you go about finding project partners?

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How do you go about finding project partners?


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LineUponLine needs a patron. I joined Carole earlier this year as project manager, but she’s been working on this beautiful, inspired project for over 5 years. She’s put all of her love and large amounts of work and money into it. When she first started developing it, she had entertained hopes that the church would adopt the finished product. But since they don't really do that, and she's not prepared to host and maintain it, LUL needs a partner. Where do we make those kinds of inquires?

Carole has developed four Book of Mormon quizzes geared toward every age, including one on the Book of Mormon Reader. They are "open book" and involve commentary from prophets and other great LDS books. These quizzes are just about ready for beta testing.

She has developed a concept for habit building, aka “line upon line”, wherein parent and child choose and track habits together, working towards a real-world reward when personally crafted goals are met. Everything from reading scriptures, to doing chores, to being nice to your sister.

Phases 3 and 4 are much more ambitious, but are remarkable and achievable, with the right partner.

Do any names come to mind of folks who would be interested in seeing such a project come to life? Communities where this kind of discussion would be welcome (and not spammy)? Are you curious? I welcome any interested comments or questions.

See Carole’s LDStech forum post

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