Out of unit leadership

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Out of unit leadership


Post by jwnice »

We just created a YSA Branch in our stake. When you look at a directory listing, it indicates that the Branch Presidency IS NOT counted for the Quarterly Report. Should they be counted in their "home" wards. They are attending and should be counted someplace. Just want to make sure before the end of the quarter.
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Re: Out of unit leadership


Post by russellhltn »

"Out of unit" are not members of the ward. Not even for HT/VT. Not even as teachers.
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Re: Out of unit leadership


Post by sbradshaw »

Yes, they should be counting as attending in their home wards. You don't have to report anything to their home wards since they should automatically be reported as attending (members not attending their regular meeting due to a calling are counted as attending; which is the same policy for, for example, primary leaders who are counted as attending Relief Society and Priesthood).
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Re: Out of unit leadership


Post by eblood66 »

sbradshaw wrote:Yes, they should be counting as attending in their home wards.
Note that this is true for most of the numbers on the quarterly report but not for Sacrament meeting attendance. For Sacrament meeting you count everyone in attendance whether they are a member of the ward or not and even whether they are a member or not.
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