Next LDSTech Broadcast: Digital Media into Meetinghouses

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Re: Next LDSTech Broadcast: Digital Media into Meetinghouses


Post by johnshaw »

I can get on board with the USB idea, I would prefer to see something that was a bit more automated. Something that when I stick the USB into a computer I could launch some kind of app that auto-sync's updated content.

Since our FM just replaced TV's in our stake, I guess I'll be waiting for 14 years to have USB/video support - unless I take budget to fix the FMG/ICS issues of supported TV's etc...
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Re: Next LDSTech Broadcast: Digital Media into Meetinghouses


Post by bhorsley »

Why not go with the Roku 2 device. For $65 you have the option of USB devices AND DLNA streaming along with the mormon channel via the internet. This way you can retrofit older LCD screens without rip and replace.

As far as central management, I am going to try the WD My Cloud. This should allow remote management of the content so one STS can load new content to all stake buildings from one location. Not sure if the Corporate Firewall will block the cloud services or not thought. I will find out tomorrow.

I was successful in streaming 8 devices simultaneously from the My Cloud at home. Now to test on the Meetinghouse Network. Out DSL line is easily saturated if not out of order, therefore the local streaming/USB option should work well. I have been unsuccessful in teaching people how to download their content at home before their lession, so I am hoping the use of a DLNA client on their device will work.

Android - Kodi
IOS - TV assist (For now maybe talk people into buying Plex Client)

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