Being able to view lists

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Being able to view lists


Post by benjaminleeworkman »

i'm unsure if I just can't find it or something, but so many times in ward counsel, people talk about being able to see lists such as prospective elders and such. I am using the both the windows version on my surface tablet, and the android version on my phone, and I am unable to find these lists. I know on android there is a list feature (which feature is sorely missed on the windows version), but these are more for custom lists that I make, not for the standard lists such as prospective elders and such. Is this a needed feature (mainly on windows as my tablet is what I mainly use), or am I just unable to find it?
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Re: Being able to view lists


Post by russellhltn »

Yes, the windows version is behind on some features. I'm not sure what features the Android version supports.

What is your calling? Some features are only available to some callings. (And even then, they must be recorded properly as a standard position. (Custom positions have no rights.)
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Re: Being able to view lists


Post by sbradshaw »

There are a lot of lists available on Leader and Clerk Resources, on It's not as convenient, but the website is set up to be mobile-friendly. The prospective elders list is a little hidden – if you go to the Member List, you can use the drop-down menu to filter and show the prospective elders (there's not a separate report).
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