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Re: Directory Updates


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kaynay11 wrote:The system won't allow me to update my photo, as it gives me a message saying that it doesn't support Mozilla. I am actually using IE 11. Any ideas?
Where are you getting stuck? I'm using IE11 and can get as far as selecting a file. (I didn't want to go any further.) If I switch on compatibility mode, the site complains about my browser before I get to anything.
Have you searched the Help Center? Try doing a Google search and adding "" to the search criteria.

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Re: Directory Updates


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I made the "Feedback" suggestion on today to place a "Suggest Edit" link to the top of every family or member contact page. The user would enter the suggested edit and the item would be directed to the ward clerks and remain a nagging action item until cleared. It would be great if a confirmation of sorts could be sent to the member suggesting the edit that the edit was accepted or declined (like google map maker community does).

Because it is frustrating to not be able to edit contact information when you know it is wrong. I currently try to send a a text or email to the clerk as soon as I come across some incorrect information. This correspondence is outside the church's information system, and most people won't take the time or will forget before Sunday, or the information will get to a clerk, but the clerk will forget.

So I'm crossing my fingers that my suggestion will get some valuable coding time.
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