Membership clerk required?

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Membership clerk required?


Post by bhfletcher »

A ward in our stake has an exception in their membership audit as follows:
The calling for the Ward Assistant Clerk--Membership position needs to be recorded.

We are instructed to correct that issue within 30 days. What if the Bishop does not feel like he needs a Ward Assistant Clerk--Membership? Is Ward Assistant Clerk--Membership a requirement for every ward? I cannot find anything in the handbook that would indicate this.

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Re: Membership clerk required?


Post by mwgrover »

No, that calling is not required to be filled. It sounds like something else is going on with that ward's callings. Interesting. Review that ward's calling list carefully and make sure nothing seems out of order. If everything looks correct, you would need to contact the SLC help desk to help resolve that exception. That's an unusual one.
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