Windows 10 Upgrade

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Re: Windows 10 Upgrade


Post by miken2av »

Has this upgrade happened for anyone yet? I got the email notification June 22nd. I have left several of our Stakes computers on since that day. Haven't seen anything happen yet. Usually there is a hidden system folder on the "c" drive that has the upgrade files in it. So, even if it is taking a while to download there is usually some evidence that the process has started. Just curious.
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Re: Windows 10 Upgrade


Post by samueln »

I have the same question. I don't want to be checking every evening to see if something has happened. I am in a shared University office and it become very uncomfortable if I have to bother him or his time doing so.
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Re: Windows 10 Upgrade


Post by scgallafent »

There are about 34,000 computers to be upgraded over the next three weeks. The process is going to take some time. I wouldn't worry about checking every day to see if the upgrade has happened. I would poke my head in once late in the week just to see if the upgrade has happened and run a few quick tests if it has.
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Re: Windows 10 Upgrade


Post by johnshaw »

I had a ward report that their computer was upgraded this past couple of days.
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