Sharing one TV

Discussions about using TVs, projectors, laptops, tablets, smartphones, DVD Players and other media players in meetinghouses including standards, management, how to connect to them, proper use, and support.
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Sharing one TV


Post by drepouille »

In our ward council meeting yesterday, one person complained about the slow Internet in the meetinghouse. We have a DSL modem from Windstream, and I think the maximum download speed is 6 mbps. We seem to max that out every Sunday, according to
I told the ward council that we are not allowed to stream the Come Follow Me lesson videos, and they should download them at home. Then they told me that we have only one TV, and only one WD media player. They have been using iPads to stream videos because they often need to show videos in three classes at the same time. The bishop told me they can't download HD videos to an iPad due to storage restrictions. I told him I thought 720 resolution should be fine for classes, and I thought 1080p in HD was overkill.
What is the best solution to this problem?
- Ask the FM for more TVs and media players?
- Ask the teachers to bring their personal laptops to class, having downloaded their videos at home?

A related issue is that our youth are using our wireless connection to access gaming sites during church, but that can be handled another way.
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Re: Sharing one TV


Post by johnshaw »

There isn't a solution unless you duplicate all files locally (setup some kind of media server) and use a DLNA compatible app to stream - that way the streaming is over the higher-bandwidth Local Network vs coming from the Internet. I did this in a previous stake and so have several others. It is also the direction that the church was going down, but it's been a couple of years since we've heard anything about it.
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Re: Sharing one TV


Post by seanhyte »

Downloading media is the preferred method to sharing media in lessons on Sunday. You can view the MHTech site that may help you "Supporting New Youth Curriculum Digital Media FAQs" ... s?lang=eng .

Help for Showing Videos: ... s?lang=eng

Downloading lower quality video is acceptable, 720p is still HD quality and most people do not see a difference between 720p and 1080p.

Besides WD Media players, this is one of the DVD model the Church suggests for purchase where you can connect USB sticks to play media files on them:

You can work with your Stake Presidency who will work with the FM if more screens and media playback devices are needed for your unit.
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Re: Sharing one TV


Post by gregbishop »

In addition to the link above, I found this link to be another very helpful guide for the teachers in our ward to understand how to download and use media during lessons on Sunday: ... s?lang=eng

The previous link seems to provide direction that has caused consufion for our teachers. Sspecifically they came to church thinking they were prepared to play from a previous download on an iPad but ended up having streaming problems.
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