Future of Classic LDS Maps?

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Re: Future of Classic LDS Maps?


Post by Macabus »

Is there any way to search for stake centers with the new maps? It seems to be limited to all meetinghouses with no stake information.
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Re: Future of Classic LDS Maps?


Post by mwgrover »

When viewing in classic maps, I cannot seem to get the meetinghouse icons to go away. I have checked and unchecked the "meetinghouses" option under facilities, and reloaded the page, etc. Tried multiple browsers in both Windows and Mac OS. Meetinghouse icons are always there no matter what. Would love to get them to hide so I can just see the boundaries without the icon clutter in the way. Anyone have any ideas?
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Re: Future of Classic LDS Maps?


Post by kellymab »

I had that same question a while back. These steps worked for me.

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