Church Discipline

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Church Discipline


Post by whitebandana »

My bishop has asked me (WC) to research issues around church discipline and gender reassignment. Although elective gender surgery does feature in the list of transgressions on a confidential record there is very little in HB1 or 2 - or anywhere else - to give guidance or policy. Has anyone else had to minute a DC where this has been the subject and has information which can be appropriately shared?
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Re: Church Discipline


Post by eblood66 »

I'd refer to the end of section 6.7.2 of Handbook 1. It indicates the correct avenue for resolving questions in this area. I don't think this forum is an appropriate place to discuss this kind of sensitive question.
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Re: Church Discipline


Post by russellhltn »

One tip: When researching, use the on-line Handbook, as it will always be the most current version. This could easily be an area where there have been changes since the last printing.
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Re: Church Discipline


Post by lajackson »

As far as I am aware, any statements from the First Presidency and Twelve I have heard or read that would be helpful in this situation have already been incorporated into the online version of Handbook 1.

Other than that, this is where the presiding officer gets all of those special blessings that come with the calling. In addition to (and after following) the counsel in Handbook 1:6.7.2 there is a profound scripture in D&C 102:23 that will drive a stake president to his knees.
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