Understanding home teaching reports and calculations

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Understanding home teaching reports and calculations


Post by wbodine »

Help me understand how newly assign families are counted as being home taught.

For example, I just added a family to the high priest group in August and will see them in August for the first time by checking the appropriate circle in August. If I enter them into the home teaching report it shows June July and August and is just showing an empty circle for June July and August. When I run the report for July will this new person that I already added but not indicated with a check or X be included in the percent completed home teaching monthly report?
What is the implication of not putting an X or a check in the circle when calculating the percent of home teaching completed?
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Re: Understanding home teaching reports and calculations


Post by eblood66 »

Is the family new to the ward or just new to the quorum? If they are new to the ward then they should not count toward home teaching percentages in the month they moved in. But if they are just new to the quorum then they count toward percentages. Visits are tracked by family only and not by companionship or quorum. So if a family is moved between quorums then their previous history will adjust the percentages for previous months for their new quorum.

Percentages are calculated as the total number of checks divided by the total number of households assigned to the quorum at the present time. So a blank and and X count the same.

Remember that the percentages are not intended to measure the performance of the quorum but rather to measure how well the households assigned to the quorum have been visited.
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Re: Understanding home teaching reports and calculations


Post by russellhltn »

My understanding is that when a family moves in, you'll see their home teaching history from the prior ward - but I don't think that changes your stats - unless you make changes to those blocks. "You break it, you bought it."
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