Watching LDS Conference on Xbox 360

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Watching LDS Conference on Xbox 360


Post by rdcrisco »

I know this is too late for this conference but has anyone been able to figure out how to watch conference live on a xbox 360?
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Re: Watching LDS Conference on Xbox 360


Post by Rictersmith »

There is now a BYU channel application you can download to your XBOX 360. I believe we used it last session to watch conference. The only down side is that when loading it up, you have to sit through a commercial before watching the stream. I wish for general conferences they removed the commercial requirement.
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Re: Watching LDS Conference on Xbox 360


Post by russellberrett »

The BYU-TV app on Xbox 360 does not seem to be working any longer. I tried last weekend to watch the Lady's Conference using the Xbox 360 BYU-TV app, but it said that the service was "not available right now". Instead my wife and girls went to another room and watched the conference using the BYU-TV app on our Roku... and it worked flawlessly.

This morning, we tried the BYU-TV app again on the Xbox 360 to watch General Conference and received the same error:
(189.19 KiB) Not downloaded yet
The URL doesn't show anything but "Normal" status.

I noted this morning that the BYU-TV app works flawlessly on my son's Xbox-One.

Does anyone have any idea why the BYU-TV app no longer works on the Xbox 360?


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BYUtv on Xbox 360


Post by jhyanathan »

Is BYUtv no longer supported on XBOX360? We used to watch conference over our XBOX, but it is saying BYUtv isn't available right now. Checking doesn't help.
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Re: Watching LDS Conference on Xbox 360


Post by jdlessley »

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