YW Advisers can't see class lists

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YW Advisers can't see class lists


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Young Women Advisers can not see class lists in LDS Tools for the classes to which they are assigned. Why? If it's an oversight, will someone please fix it?

Please note, I'm not asking about custom callings for access to online Personal Progress. Advisers have access to that. I'm asking specifically why Advisers (a calling listed in the handbook) can not see the class lists of the classes to which they are assigned.
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Re: YW Advisers can't see class lists


Post by eblood66 »

Generally special access in LDS Tools follows the same rules for access to the same information in LCR. If someone has access to a report or information in LCR then they have it in LDS Tools. Currently only the YW Presidency has been approved for access to LCR (actually in general only bishopric and organization presidencies have access to LCR but it is slowly expanding--recently ward missionaries gained access to certain information). Until additional access is approved advisers won't have access. Decisions about who has access to what information is made by the general authorities who have responsibility for these systems. You can make a request using the feedback link in LCR or using the feedback option in LDS Tools but any change will have to be approved at those levels before the developers make any changes.
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