All Ward Calendars aren't in LDSTools?

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All Ward Calendars aren't in LDSTools?


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We have posted events to the calendar "Ward Events" but this calendar does not sync with the mobile devices. Are we doing something wrong? This is how we schedule the building, and the missionaries need to know the building schedule. Any suggestions?

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Re: All Ward Calendars aren't in LDSTools?


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Sorry to ask the obvious question: was a sync done on LDS Tools after the event was created?

In my experience, the calendars do sync, however, the person in question must be subscribed to the calendar. And to set the subscriptions, they must log onto the calendar on - that can't be done in LDS Tools (that only allows selections from what has been subscribed to). Since you mention missionaries, that might be an issue. The subscriptions may have to be re-done each time the mission office transfers them.
bryanwilliams wrote:the missionaries need to know the building schedule.
And there we have a problem. You cannot subscribe to the building (location) calendar. Therefore, there's no way to pull up the building calendar in LDS Tools. If anyone is under the idea that "we can use the building if it's not scheduled" I'd but a end to that right quick. To maintain order, ALL activities must be scheduled - even if it's just before the event starts. While looking at the ward events might work for a building that serves a single unit, it will fail for facilities that are shared by multiple units. That's why I say the "if the building isn't scheduled" practice must end or it's just a matter of time before you run into trouble.
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