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Re: Voice for audio Book of Mormon


Post by r36_9346 »

I just pictured a robotic Lloyd D. Newell introducing an episode of Music & the Spoken Word. It made me chuckle.
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Re: Voice for audio Book of Mormon


Post by heymikey75 »

I personally prefer the audio quality, character and emotion in the pre-2013 voice readings, as many of the other posters here have stated. I recently downloaded the newer versions, male and female, to give them a try, but ended up deleting them. They sound too compressed and mechanical, in a distracting way. I'll stick with my older MP3's for now. Just reviewed the official release of the listed changes to the 2013 edition, and as it says, "More than 99 percent of the corrections are in the study aids (chapter summaries, footnotes, Topical Guide, Bible Dictionary, and triple combination index). I don't think I'll miss much listening to the old versions on my daily drive to work.
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Re: Voice for audio Book of Mormon


Post by sludgepickle »

Any change on this? Would love to have the option to toggle between 2-3 voices. Not enough inflection and intonation in most of the new voices.
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Re: Voice for audio Book of Mormon


Post by Ghosts371 »

There is a way to get the old voices, it's easier on Android though. You can Google installing an old version of Gospel Library, some of the old version still work, you just have to pick an old version that still has the old voices, in this way I managed to get the old voices back. On an iPhone it would still be doable, but it's harder, it would require jailbreaking.
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Re: Voice for audio Book of Mormon


Post by ianorihahchristensen »

The new recording is really intolerable. I can't listen to it. It's very halted and processed. Each word has that robotic attack right before and after it. It's really painful. Darn it. I used to love listening, but I just can't anymore. I've tried listening to these. I finally had to see if there was a place to post some feedback. Here you go. Bruce Lindsay is still around, isn't he? He did the last ones. Why not just have him rerecord the updates? He was a mission president. I don't think he'd be uninterested.
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Re: Voice for audio Book of Mormon


Post by shanonstuartedwards »

I absolutely love the female reader, the one who reads the book of John, and also 3 Nephi. Whether she reads everything, I don’t know. I find her voice incredibly moving. I’m online trying to learn her name so I can thank her. She elevates the scriptures for me.
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Re: Voice for audio Book of Mormon


Post by Diazale001 »

ok so I need a little help too, it loooks like this is a fix for mobile, but does anyone know how to change it on Desktop? I can't see how to...
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Re: Voice for audio Book of Mormon


Post by Adwilcox28 »

Please change back from the Siri options. They are not better. In fact they are terrible. I love listening to the Book of Mormon on my commute to and from work but cannot stand these robotic voiceovers. Especially when what was there was great! Please fix soon.

Thank you!
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Re: Voice for audio Book of Mormon


Post by davescott1 »

As I look through this topic I'm hoping there is a way in the gospel library to select something other than the synthetic voice generators for listening to the Scriptures and Liahona. The computer generated voices don't work for me at all. Hoping for more options?
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Re: Voice for audio Book of Mormon


Post by russellhltn »

I get a recorded voice. But you have to have a network connection. If it's mobile data, you have to allow GL to use it in the settings.
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