Shared email address for Bishopric member

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Shared email address for Bishopric member


Post by gregpedersen »

I have a question regarding the use of email address for a Bishopric member. The individual has a business email that is shared with their spouse that they use for Church correspondence. My question is, what is the Church's policy for Ward Leadership members use of a shared email address?

I was not able to find anything specific about this in either of the Church Handbooks. I did find the sections related to specific membership information and keeping that secure. This is in reference to correspondence within the Bishopric (i.e., schedules, meeting notes, discussions on members for callings) and if it is alright to use the shared address for this type of correspondence?
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Re: Shared email address for Bishopric member


Post by eblood66 »

As far as I know there isn't any specific policy. Leaders have a responsibility to protect membership information and to keep confidential information confidential. But specifics on how to do that are not specified other than to say that membership data shouldn't be uploaded to 3rd party software (Meetinghouse Technology Policy section 4.9).
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Re: Shared email address for Bishopric member


Post by russellhltn »

I'm not aware of a policy either. I would hope that truly confidential information isn't sent via email, but we know how that goes.

In my personal opinion, it falls into the category of "bad idea".
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