Cannot link Membership number to account

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Cannot link Membership number to account


Post by tenzie25 »

The system will not let me tie my membership record to my account. Please advise.
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Re: Cannot link Membership number to account


Post by russellhltn »

There are two common problems. The first is that the MRN you have is wrong. If it comes from a handwritten source, such as a temple recommend, it could have been copied incorrectly. You'll have to go to the ward membership clerk to get the correct one.

The other issue is that you have another account that you've forgotten about. Perhaps set up as a youth to get into FamilySearch. The quick way there is to use the "forgot username" link on the login page and use the MRN option to recover the forgotten account.
Have you searched the Help Center? Try doing a Google search and adding "" to the search criteria.

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Re: Cannot link Membership number to account


Post by jlucibello »

OK, I don't know if the LDS ACCOUNT has my account name or password, username should be [deleted], password [deleted] I've even given it the new password and either the username is wrong or the password is not excepting, I'm at 1 of your churchs trying to use the site as I don't have a computer yet I can't gain entry, I have 1 hour and 34 mins before this 2 hour slot is over so I'm going to wait until I read your reply to my phone. Lucibello

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Re: Cannot link Membership number to account


Post by eblood66 »

No one on these forums can help with that kind of problem. If you are trying to access family history information you should contact Family Search Customer Support (
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