Recreation Properties Website Scheduling Issues

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Recreation Properties Website Scheduling Issues


Post by mscollins »

Please, Please Please find someone to fix the scheduling problems with the recreational properties!!!!

We have been burned THREE different times now using the website scheduling feature for northern Utah properties in scheduling Friday night campouts for scout groups.

1. One time the website accepted our reservation for scouts to use a property in mid-September and took our money. Only weeks later when we arrived at the camp we found the gate locked. We had to drive 30 minutes to get cell service and call someone. We finally got a hold of someone and were told the camp was closed on August 30 (several weeks prior to our reserved date). So there we were with a bunch of scouts, leaders, food and equipment and no place to camp. The website should not take reservations for properties after they are closed.

2. Two separate times now we have made reservations for scouts to camp on a Friday night at a church property in northern Utah. Reservations were accepted, money paid and plans made for the campout. Only to then get a call during the week of the planned campout telling us that our reservation was cancelled because young women would be at the camp and they can't have both scouts and young women at the camp at the same time. So again, we are left hanging out to dry with a planned camp and no where to go. The website should have logic to only accept either young women or scouts and preclude a reservation if there is a conflict. If young women are to have the priority even if they request a reservation after scouts already have one then at least post a notice of this policy and the risk that reservations may be cancelled at the last minute any young women request to use the property on the same night.

3. Same as number 2 above. This has happened on two separate occasions in the past few months.

We can not longer use the church recreation property reservation system because we have been burned 3 separate times now and have no confidence that this will not happen again.

Each camp host tells us that they are sorry for the last minute cancellation but that they are not responsible for the website administration and cannot do a thing about making changes. Well SOMEONE should! Such a simple thing should be fixed immediately because it causes huge problems for each group like us who thinks they have everything in place and then lose everything on such short notice.
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Re: Recreation Properties Website Scheduling Issues


Post by jdlessley »

mscollins wrote:Please, Please Please find someone to fix the scheduling problems with the recreational properties!!!!
The forum is user to user support. Unless there is someone visiting the forum that has specific knowledge of the responsible person or organization
to contact there is little else we can do here except discuss the issue. You may be better served by doing some digging to find the point of contact for the reservation system and giving them your feedback. You could also send feedback using the "feedback" link on any page. This method will not result in a direct response to you due to the large number of feedback messages the system receives. But each feedback message will be directed to the responsible person, office, or department.
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Have you tried finding your answer on the Help Center?
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