How to Discuss's Google Exposure?

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How to Discuss's Google Exposure?


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Hi my name is Aaron.

I want to brainstorm with the community ideas on how to discuss website's individual pages so that we consider how Google robots decide to place our content.
My passion is to optimize webpages so that each page's content fits what Google looks for when Google provides each search user content most likely to satisfy the query.
Quality is tremendously important and that's where our website excels.
We are amazing at creating powerful messages and our design, user experience, and layout is world class.

My concern is that we have such amazing value that is being missed.

When we search phrases like "what is faith" or "churches near (city)" we aren't in the top results and those searching often miss out on our amazing website.

Here's my question to the community:
If this were something you knew how to do, who do you talk with to try and show how to do this?
What would you say to relay how important search results are?
Aaron Tjomsland
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Re: How to Discuss's Google Exposure?


Post by cooleym »

My guess is that some organizations pay Google go to the top of the page while those who don't pay go to the bottom. Just a guess.
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