Login Help needed for teen's account

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Login Help needed for teen's account


Post by Lehcarjt »

Several years ago, the kids in our ward were taken to the Fam Hist Center and walked through setting themselves up on FamilySearch. My daughter set up a login/password that she (of course) promptly forgot.

She now needs to get into family search for a project that is due later this week. When I tried to set her up from scratch, LDS.org gave me a message saying there was already an account in place. When I tried to do account recovery using her Member ID and birth date, I got this message: "Either the MRN and/or Birth Date is not valid or the account does not exist."

What do I do now? Her member ID is straight from the ward clerk.

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Re: Login Help needed for teen's account


Post by jonesrk »

One thing you can do is look in your LDS Tools and you can double check the MRN and her birth date, to make sure what you are entering matches what the system has.
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