App Idea: Microphone

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App Idea: Microphone


Post by BensMeister »

We currently use one or two portable mics to try to give the hard of hearing the ability to hear lessons and the light of speaking some amplification.

Priesthood, RS and Gospel Doctrine classes are larger and ours are ending up in large rooms like the Gym or on the lower level of the chapel, but even in the RD room we use the mics.

My solution is to form a network via the app, have one person plug into the sound system and allow people to use their phones as their own indivudual microphone. Preferably it senses when it goes vertical upside down and transmits to the sound system connected phone/tablet, then turns the transmission off when the device goes back to reading mode or turned off. (Hopes that makes sense) this way you can follow along with the lesson. A neighbor can offer their device as a mic if you are called to read for the lesson.

It would require some noise cancelation to avoid feedback, and maybe the host or multiple hosts in host mode could override/moderate traffic in case a kid joins the network from the hallway.

Anyway, I think this would be fantastic, I just can't code at this level. Please ping me if you make this so I can test/deploy it.
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Re: App Idea: Microphone


Post by klricks »

I am not sure such as system could be made without significant latency (delay or lag). Even half a second delay will be very annoying to the point of being useless.
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Re: App Idea: Microphone


Post by havierrodri »

I agree with 'klricks'. Significant latency thats what you need
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Re: App Idea: Microphone


Post by lajackson »

havierrodri wrote:I agree with 'klricks'. Significant latency thats what you need
Actually, klricks said that significant latency is not what you need. Significant latency causes serious problems.
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