Ward Name Change - Ramifications

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Ward Name Change - Ramifications


Post by ckmcdonald »

Last Sunday we officially changed the names of 6 wards in our Stake.
Can I get a few of you that have been through this recently to talk about the ramifications of this.
Topics like: Updating stationary, donation envelopes, checks, bank accounts, signs and plaques, (?), etc.
HQ told me that nothing is automatically updated and most updates are optional.
What did you run into and how is it best dealt with?

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Re: Ward Name Change - Ramifications


Post by lajackson »

ckmcdonald wrote:Last Sunday we officially changed the names of 6 wards in our Stake. . . .
HQ told me that nothing is automatically updated and most updates are optional.
Did you sustain and set apart all of the new bishoprics? [grin]

Stationery and Donation Envelopes
Order through the LDS Store. It may take a while for the Store to update their unit information, so make sure they have done so before actually placing the order.

Checks and Bank Accounts
Contact the Finance Department and ask them if they want you to use the old checks or obtain new ones. The actual bank account numbers will not change. They will send you checks, deposit slips, and a new deposit stamp as needed. They will also let the local depository bank know of the name change, if necessary. As the stake clerk, you may wish to make this call on behalf of the six wards, then pass the information to them if any action is required on their part.

Ask the FM Group to provide new signs for the bishop's and clerk's offices.

It may be now that the names will update automatically through CDOL and LCR. If not, in MLS:
Change the unit names and abbreviations that show up in reports. It has been too long since I did this, but I think it was in the Settings area. There was one page where the stake was able to change all of the unit names and abbreviations, but the last time I did it each ward also needed to go into their MLS and make the change for their unit. Again, this may no longer be necessary, and I have not seen a stake report recently to know if they still use unit abbreviations.

Ward Bulletin
Make sure he or she was there the Sunday they announced the change, and let them know it is okay to update the bulletin.

Because all of our electronic marvels are connected together by unit numbers, I suspect that in today's electronic world many of the name changes will take care of themselves because the Church will update them through CDOL.

I kept a little notebook listing what I had done, so that every time I saw a former name I knew whether or not I had already instigated any change action needed on my part. Today, that would be a note in my smarter than I am phone.

And don't even get me started on all of the unapproved online presences that are probably out there. But they should also be changed by whoever is administering them.

I'm sure I forgot something. (Ha)
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