Closed captioning not available

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Closed captioning not available


Post by rggoodie »

The videos for the Come follow me Sunday school curriculum do not download with closed captioning on Windows computers.
It is available on YouTube or if you use a Mac (not iPad)
We have deaf members in our ward an need a fix.
YouTube and macs are not available in Meeting houses.
It has been suggested we use a VPN, but this is only a work around to bypass church rules -not an option.
Any ideas?
I have spoken with Sunday school department and they were not aware of the problem but now say they will investigate a fix.
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Re: Closed captioning not available


Post by russellhltn »

How is it being viewed on a Mac?

My understanding is that there is no set standard for CC in digital videos. (Unlike analog video) If it's being played in a supplied player, then the player supports the separate CC file that is supplied with the video.
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Re: Closed captioning not available


Post by ToManyLetters »

WebVTT is what you're after, most likely.

While it's still in its draft stage, it's already got pretty decent support. YouTube itself supports it.
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