Where are downloads stored?

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Re: Where are downloads stored?


Post by Brettb »

I'm experiencing the same thing as kdohogne. I deleted all data associated with GL, uninstalled the app, downloaded and installed the app, moved it to external (SD) storage then opened the app. It started automatically downloading data but all to internal storage rather than my SD card. Is there a better/proper way to do this that I'm not seeing?

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Re: Where are downloads stored?


Post by sbradshaw »

Note that while things are downloading, they might download to your internal storage, but when each download finishes, it should move itself over to the SD card if you have that set in Android settings. The download itself is handled by Android's download manager. So you can expect to see things download to your internal storage initially.

It's hard to debug SD card problems because the process varies with different Android versions or phone manufacturers.
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Re: Where are downloads stored?


Post by LesnKC »

I thought this was a great app because it would give me a good way to download items that I want to upload onto our stake social media outlets. I don't want to share them. I want to upload them and apparently it's not possible from this app. If I'm mistaken, please let me know.
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Re: Where are downloads stored?


Post by allenmathew »

Thanks for the information.
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Re: Where are downloads stored?


Post by Antimatter22 »

The last reply I've seen to this thread was in 2017 has there been any update since then? It was mentioned that they were thinking about making the files exportable so that they could be exported to user specific locations. Hoping this is been done now that it's 2022. My wife has downloaded a lot of the youth music and loves listening to the uplifting music. She is wanting to use her music app to play them so she can shuffle it and play the whole list. Thanks for any updates.
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