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Finance Dashboard


Post by drepouille »

Does the Finance Dashboard seem to be a little sparse to you?
  • Approve Expenses
    Bishop's Review
    Approve Transfers
    Returned EFTs
I guess I expected other things to appear on the Dashboard:
  • Enter Expenses
    Approve Expenses
    Print Checks
    Bishop's Review
    Pending Expenses
    Expenses Summary
Dana Repouille, Plattsmouth, Nebraska
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Re: Finance Dashboard


Post by jdlessley »

drepouille wrote:Does the Finance Dashboard seem to be a little sparse to you?
Not necessarily for all the ones you identified. I see the dashboard as pending actions that all users with finance permissions should be aware and action taken. Entering expenses is not a pending action until the process is started. Until a user enters an expense the system does not know that action is needed. Also Expenses Summary, as a report summary for all expenses, is not an actionable item that needs user input attention.

The Expense Summary is included under Returned EFTs. Returned EFTs need to be brought to the attention of all users with finance permissions and the details are found in the Expense Summary. Clicking the Returned EFTs dashboard item takes you to the Expense Summary tab.

I agree that checks needing to be printed is an actionable item that the system would be awaiting action. The other item, Pending Expenses, may or may not be a needed actionable item. In the case of an approver rejecting (disapproving) an expense there is an action, delete the expense, that may need to be done. I am not aware of any other pending expenses that would be listed on that tab since I have not run into any yet.
JD Lessley
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