Photo Upload Problems

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Photo Upload Problems


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Today I updated some photos in the ward and ran into some issues:
  • Once I uploaded a photo, the spinning animation continued on the photo forever. Finally when I refreshed the page, I saw the photo was uploaded.
  • There's no way to upload a new photo of a member. Instead, you have to delete the existing photo, then upload a new one. In the old Directory app, you could upload a new photo. (I believe I could also go to the upload page and do it that way, but that's not how I was doing it today.
  • When you upload a photo, it doesn't update. It seems like the old image is cached, which is really painful. The old Directory didn't behave like this at all. For example, after I delete the previous photo of the member and uploaded the new photo, then went back to the member record, the old photo appeared. Due to the many problems I've had with photos in LCR in the past, I thought I'd try a different web browser. Using that browser, I saw that the photo was updated. So, I then cleared the cache in my current browser, re-logged in, and saw the updated photo. Something's not working very well.
I'm sending this through feedback, but thought I'd post to see if others are having problems.
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