How to go to My Links "Home Page"???

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How to go to My Links "Home Page"???


Post by brent.taft »

Hey All,

When I log into the church website I am either brought to the page where it has your profile picture and sections such My Calling and Ward, Personal and Family, etc. But sometimes when I am logged in I am brought to a page called My Links, and it has leader and clerk quick buttons, and then a training section, get inspired section, etc. this latter page is better for me I think. How can I make it load that way each time? I have tried logging in on different browsers (Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox,) from different computers, phones, different OSes (Windows, Android, Chrome OS,). I have tried copying and pasting the link when I am on the page that I prefer, but that link doesn't seem to produce the same content... very strange...

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Re: How to go to My Links "Home Page"???


Post by richardhag »

I am also having this problem. It is very frustrating. Does anyone know why this is happening?
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Re: How to go to My Links "Home Page"???


Post by sbradshaw »

For me, I got an experience with less links when I first opened the "My Account" page, then I clicked on Account Settings, which forced me to sign in, and got the experience that included links specific to my callings, etc. I'm guessing the first page with less info shows if you're not fully signed in / authenticated?
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