Ministering assignments disappeared

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Re: Ministering assignments disappeared


Post by natenez »

I'm also hitting this issue of ministering assignments having disappeared. In our unit the EQ assignments are done, but the RS are still visible.
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Re: Ministering Assignments all disappeared


Post by jbostron »

natenez wrote:The EQ ministering assignments have all disappeared - both the published and proposed changes.

The last changes were made the evening of 5/7/2019.

This is for unit 1060872.

When the problem occurred for 1060872 our Bishop was approving proposed changes. He indicate that it had errored twice, but I am not sure what the error message was.
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Re: Ministering assignments


Post by winnj100 »

"Ministering Assignments" Category and Information No Longer on List with other Categories such as Contact, Household, Membership Information, Callings and Classes, since I installed Members Tools. Is a fix being worked on for this?
Also, is there an ETA on the repair of having the temple information on Member Tools.
I am syncing several times each day. Thank you!!
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Re: Ministering assignments disappeared


Post by garyclose »

We are having a related but different problem. Out ministering lists are reverting to an much older outdated version of the ministering assignments. When I try to change in back to the current listing, as soon as I log off, and return, the old list is back, with none of the changes being saved. This happened in just the last few days of today Sept 5, 2019. No answer from the help desk. As of now, I cannot update the listing.
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Re: Ministering assignments disappeared


Post by davesudweeks »

Short of asking your Stake President to bring it up in his coordinating counsel, the Global Service Desk and feedback from the Ministering page are the official support channels for the church. You will probably need to wait for them sort it out.
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