New Printed Directory Option Coming

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New Printed Directory Option Coming


Post by mevans »

I submitted some more feedback on printing the directory in the new ward directory and maps. I received very quick response to my feedback and the person let me know that they are aware the directory print option is frustrating and that they are working on something new. As usual, we don't know when the new thing will be released, but it's encouraging to know something is in the works. I've seen a few posts here about frustrations, so I thought I'd post the encouraging news.
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Re: New Printed Directory Option Coming


Post by zaneclark »

I just ran across a ward directory I printed out in March.... All 370 households in 7 pages of 4 columns each. I miss the "old" Directory. Hope the new one comes soon.
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Re: New Printed Directory Option Coming


Post by casper684 »

I too miss the "old" directory. Mine was 15 pages double sided with 3 columns for us older types that can't see as well. I print for senior members in our ward along with the photos and photos didn't seem to be working either. I miss the Organization Leaders contact info I could get on the first page with bldg address and meeting times too.
This new one is way too confusing. Hope new release is soon. I realize things must be prioritized so trying to wait patiently.
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Re: New Printed Directory Option Coming


Post by vanamays »

We have missed the old directory with photos but did not know they are working on a fix. Will try the new ward directory and maps again although didn't have much luck there at first.
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