Streaming vs Satellite

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Re: Streaming vs Satellite


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Mikerowaved wrote:Currently a stake president can request a URL with login credentials for any satellite event, including temple dedications.
Well, the times they are a changin' [smile]
That last capability is new since the last time I was involved with one of those.
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Re: Streaming vs Satellite


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Alon the line of other comments about the simplicity of the satellite may depend on what they do for internet streaming hardware and how simple it is to use.

Another thing to consider is multiple languages in a location. We currently have the capability of 4 languages (we used to have 5). I believe with internet streaming, we'd have to do 4 separate streams, which will consume bandwidth. I suppose they could do the right/left trick they do with the satellite to put 2 languages on one feed. Another problem is that if we have multiple streams, each stream can been many seconds apart from each other. The new video system doesn't have channels anymore, just HDMI distribution, so one language would be in sync with the video and the others could be significantly off. Maybe there's technology to keep them in sync, but that's a concern.

Right now we have 2 satellite receivers. Generally, they're pretty in sync with each other, so it's not a problem. (There some general audio/video sync problems with the new system for which I'm not sure there is a good solution...I'm still waiting for the new system to be "done." In many ways, old technology worked better.)
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