Only 2 of the 5 Other donation categories visible

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Only 2 of the 5 Other donation categories visible


Post by smullaney »

When attempting to contribute to one of the "Other" account donation categories, only Book of Mormon and Temple Construction appear in the dropdown menu. Is there a reason the Perpetual Education, Temple Patron Assistance, or Priesthood Restoration Site are unavailable?
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Re: Only 2 of the 5 Other donation categories visible


Post by russellhltn »

From LDS Philanthropies:
The generosity of donors has led to sufficient levels of donated funds to the Perpetual Education Fund.

As a result, donors are encouraged to select other categories for their ongoing donations. Because many donate online, the Perpetual Education Fund has been removed from online donation forms. It will remain available for donations processed in wards and branches.
The same message can be found for Temple Patron Assistance.

I'm unable to find the status of Priesthood Restoration Site, but I'd imagine it's facing a similar problem.

It's a good problem to have.
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