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Post by JennaMarsh »

It is not showing my donations for last month in my donation history. How can I update this? It shows the donation being pulled from my bank account, but it is not showing up on here as a payment.
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Re: Donations


Post by mfmohlma »

How were these donations made? It is very possible if they were made to the ward that the clerks did not correctly connect the donation with your membership record. Check with the finance clerk or the ward clerk and they should be able to verify.
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Re: Donations


Post by genegjr66 »

hello my name is Gene Felix Giuliani Jr MRN #[deleted] and I made a donation on January 3 2020 for $20 it was pulled from my bank account but not recorded in the donation history the last donation I made was on December 31 2019 why wasnt the donation made on January 3 2020 not recorded in my donation history its not a ward donation its an online donation

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Re: Donations


Post by lajackson »

When you use the online Donation system, usually the donation is recorded first and then the funds are pulled from your bank account. I would suggest you work with your financial clerk to resolve this issue. And he will be able to help you contact the Global Service Center if needed.
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Re: Donations


Post by jonesrk »

Also if the donation was made via the ward rather than online donations they may have credited it to the wrong person, your finance can correct that. I just had to have them do that with my last fast offering payment. They were very kind about it. Just remember we're all human and we all make mistakes from time to time.
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Re: Donations


Post by russellhltn »

jonesrk wrote:Also if the donation was made via the ward rather than online donations they may have credited it to the wrong person
If it was done on-line, make sure you're using the same account. You'd be surprised how many people have gone and made more then one Church Account and then wonder why things don't work.
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