LCR Send/Receive Not Working

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LCR Send/Receive Not Working


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What it says on the tin. LCR tells me that "Send / Receive Changes" was successful. However, no changes I am making are showing up in LCR. Including having our new bishopbric being updated as members, which is causing a problem as I can't give them access if they aren't listed as members. I have tried re-installing LCR to no avail. In the Send/Receive Status section, it consistently states that the status of "Receive" has Failed, with a Message saying "* File not found: /config-pop"
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Re: LCR Send/Receive Not Working


Post by carsonm »

FIYI: The program that you are referring to is actually the MLS program. LCR is more about being based on the church web site.

Since you have tried to reinstall, you will probably need to reach out to your Stake Technology Specialist (if you have one) or the Stake Clerk to complete a component to get this working again on your ward clerk computer.
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Re: LCR Send/Receive Not Working


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I wonder what version of MLS you're running. I thought some of the functions you mentioned move to LCR some time ago. At any rate, you should be able to accomplish what you're trying to do on-line via LCR.
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