Where can I download "Zoramldslat" font family?

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Where can I download "Zoramldslat" font family?


Post by rbusadre »

It seems that a lot of Church downloadable materials especially the Youth Mutual 2020 Theme use this font a lot. I wonder if there's a downloadable link for this font.
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Re: Where can I download "Zoramldslat" font family?


Post by russellhltn »

I'm not sure, but I suspect the church deliberately picks propriety fonts to prevent others from mimicking official church publications that haven't gone through the correlation committee.
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Re: Where can I download "Zoramldslat" font family?


Post by sbradshaw »

If you inspect the CSS of content in the web browser using the Zoram font (Study.ChurchofJesusChrist.org), you can see the full font stack of fonts to fall back to if a certain font isn't available. The font next to Zoram is Open Sans, which is a Google Font comparable to Zoram.

The Church is careful to protect their branding, like russellhltn mentions, so it's important not to try to imitate Church publications too closely in a setting where people might think that something is official. But if you just want a similar font for a project, Open Sans is similar.
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