How to Print Photo Directory in LCR

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How to Print Photo Directory in LCR


Post by ericclark »


The bishopric in our ward was recently updated and the bishop asked for a ward photo directory to be printed out so he can learn all the members of the ward.

If you go into LCR, under the membership tab there is an option titled, "Manage Photos". If you click on this link, it will bring up all the photos of the members in the ward. However, there is no way to print it out. I was hoping to just print this page and then the bishop could have a hard copy, but when you try to print it, the formatting gets all screwed up and it prints 1 picture per page.

Does anyone know how print the photos or have an easy way to create a ward photo directory?
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Re: How to Print Photo Directory in LCR


Post by davesudweeks »

I could be wrong, but I don't think there is a way to print a photo directory. If you feel this is an important feature, please provide feedback via any church web page. That feedback is read and passed on to the departments who set the programmer's priorities. There is no guarantee a post on this user-to-user help forum will make it to anyone with any authority to consider a change to the current system.
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Re: How to Print Photo Directory in LCR


Post by sbradshaw »

If you switch the list of members in the Member Tools app to sort by individual rather than household, it provides a photo directory of sorts, with photos to the left of each name. Unfortunately, the photos are small, but it may be better than nothing.
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Re: How to Print Photo Directory in LCR


Post by perudad »

I used to print paper photo directories, but it seems that feature has been changed- it used to be part of Manage Photos, but I am not finding it now. Under Directories, there is an option to "Include Photos", but when I do that I only get photo icons, not the actual photos. It does not seem to be working to me. Also, as ward clerk I do not know how to print a directory that excludes the privacy requests. If I print a directory, all the private information prints out in orange.
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Re: How to Print Photo Directory in LCR


Post by MatthewF »

Here is what worked for me. Google Chrome. Install Full Page Screenshot extension. Go to manage photos page in LCR. Scroll to bottom of page. Click on extension icon and choose "Capture Entire Page". Save to disk then delete from extension library. Install PosteRazor onto system. Load up just saved image. Set it to print 1 page wide and however long it needs to be. This worked but definitely wasn't easy.
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