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Re: Ministry: Secretary assigned to a District


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My secretary was upset that his district was taken away from him. He thought I had done it without forewarning. He is a former bishop and more than qualified to give interviews. How can a secretary "help?" All he can do is schedule interviews without a district. It is misleading when the website says. "Ministering interviews are conducted by members of the elders quorum presidency. Although the secretary is not a member of the presidency, he can be assigned to help based on local circumstances."
I read this as saying he can help with Ministering Interviews. That he can be "assigned" a district. I feel I can't use the keys given to me as I see fit.
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Re: Ministry: Secretary assigned to a District


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To look at a similar situation:
Handbook 21.3
With approval from the mission president, leaders may consider asking full-time missionaries to help with ministering on a limited basis.
Yet, missionaries can not be assigned. Presumably, making an assignment exceeds the Handbook writers' vision of "limited".

The same may apply with the secretary and "help". Assignment is no longer "helping", but "doing".
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Re: Ministry: Secretary assigned to a District


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I think we all need to accept the reality that the Church has allocated certain resources for these efforts, and they are overloaded with items that need their attention. We've all been in situations like that where it's all we can do to simply check our task box and move on to the next requirement, without giving the desired time to review and identify consequences of what we're doing. I expect most any change developers make will affect somebody they didn't expect in a way they didn't expect (even though software companies have huge Q&C departments, they don't usually communicate changes effectively)

Meaning, I think you're preaching to the choir here ;) and we all have experienced the same frustrations you have seen, especially when things magically change under our feet without a heads-up and we don't know if it's a glitch or on-purpose. And we'd like better communication methods, but for the foreseeable future I think we're all in the boat along with you.
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