Sealing Cancellation Issues

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Sealing Cancellation Issues


Post by rdboes »

I am a membership clerk, and we have a sister who was recently civilly married, and needs to have a previous sealing cancelled. When the Stake Presidency tries to submit the application, they receive the following error:

"Application for cancellation of sealing cannot be submitted until the divorce is final, all legal issues related to the divorce have been resolved, and the divorce has been recorded in Leader and Clerk Resources. "

The sister's membership records show her married to her current spouse, and I cannot find anything showing information on her previous marriage. Does anyone know how I can view her previous marriage/divorce history to see what may be blocking the application? As far as I know, the divorce information was entered correctly when it occurred. Thx in advance.
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Re: Sealing Cancellation Issues


Post by eblood66 »

Once the new marriage has been recorded the local unit can't see anything about the previous marriage (except a sealing date if applicable). You'll have to contact the global service center and ask them to check the record and then apply any corrections/additions required. If nothing seems wrong then they will need to follow up on why it's that error.
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Re: Sealing Cancellation Issues


Post by sbradshaw »

Normally a sealing isn't cancelled until a new sealing is scheduled to take place. This is because the sealing is a saving ordinance, and its blessings may continue to apply to a faithful spouse even if the earthly marriage ended in divorce – see Handbook 1, 3.7.
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Re: Sealing Cancellation Issues


Post by russellhltn »

sbradshaw wrote:Normally a sealing isn't cancelled until a new sealing is scheduled to take place.
I'd say "until a new sealing for the sister is scheduled to take place". I don't think the same applies to brothers.
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Re: Sealing Cancellation Issues


Post by lajackson »

The issue in the original post seems to indicate that a divorce is not completely recorded on the membership record. eblood66 gave the correct answer. The GSC will be able to sort out anything else that may be amiss.
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Re: Sealing Cancellation Issues


Post by jhardy355 »

Once a sealing between a divorced man and woman has been canceled will that sealing information, including who the person was sealed to, be removed from the membership records?
What exactly remains on the membership record?
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