Improving the lighting at the podium

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Improving the lighting at the podium


Post by taylor.meacham »

Hi All, our ward is pretty happy with out setup overall (Zoom webinar-based with pretty cheap webcams at the podium, the organ, and a "roving" camera for special musical numbers and views of the congregation, with audio provided by from the PA system into the laptop running Zoom). We're happy enough not to be looking to make many changes, but I'm always a bit bothered by the washed out look of speakers at the podium. While the lighting is generally diffuse it is still directional, making speakers' eyes dark. Has anyone tried putting a small light at the podium to improve that a bit? I've wondered if improved lighting would also improve the image overall.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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Re: Improving the lighting at the podium


Post by russellhltn »

I don't have that issue at my chapel, but I can imagine that many chapels do. The light for the podium comes from the ceiling at quite an angle.

If you try this, I'd suggest making sure the direct light isn't visible to the camera, and that it's the same color temperature as the main light. I'd also keep the light level down so it's more fill than "key" lighting.
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