Leader View for Budget/Payment Request

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Leader View for Budget/Payment Request


Post by rjhidaho »

When organization leaders ( such as EQ President/RS President) access Leader and Clerk Resources in Finance:

1. Do they have access to the full ward budget or just their respective organizations budget?

2. When they wish to make a payment request under budget, do they have to select the budget category from a drop down menu, or are they only presented with their own organization for payment requests?

In other words, are the screens shown specific to the calling of the leader?
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Re: Leader View for Budget/Payment Request


Post by eblood66 »

1. They can view only their own budget balance.
2. They can select from their own budget category (and sub-categories) and any others to which the clerk has given them permissions to in LCR (this is done in the Manage Categories tab of the Finance > Budget screen).

Note that a clerk can see the view that the organization gets by using the drop down list in the upper right side of the Budget screen to select the role of one of the organization leaders.
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