Severe Accessibility (Vision) and other problems with

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Re: Severe Accessibility (Vision) and other problems with


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We discovered to day on my Husband's surface computer how we can change the font to the dyslexia font. We love that. Will it be coming to the Apple version soon???
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Re: Severe Accessibility (Vision) and other problems with


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bookwalk wrote:
1. No font choice now--I have visual impairments where I need a lot of contrast and since there is now no choice of fonts, I see much decreased contrast on the text fonts and have trouble reading anything. I MUST revert to the previous version or I will not e able to use the app--which I depend on heavily as I can change font size for the visual impairment I have--which I cannot do with printed scriptures. HELPPPP_!
I agree. I have a brain injury now and live with vision problems. Having the option to Change the font to a more accessible one like Ariel or OpenDyslexia would help significantly. I tire reading easily and am just grateful that everything is available in text to speech... but the automated voice takes a long time to get used to...I am still not used to it. ;)

Having the option to change the font to one of the free fonts recognized by the braille institute would be fabulous! ... sabilities

Thank you!
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