Correcting Donation Amounts NOT categories ???

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Correcting Donation Amounts NOT categories ???


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Situation: Tithing Batch was submitted and donations delivered to Bank. Everything entered matched Tithing slips but there was a large amount of cash. Day after bank counted for deposit and discovered an extra bill in the donation. So I need to adjust the one cash donors amount. Niether MLS nor LCR will let me adjust the amount of the donation because I get an error that the balance is will not allow me to adjust anything on the "right side" to make it balance (it is all grayed out in both MLS and LCR).

Any tips on how to add to the amount of a tithing batch specifically one donor within the batch would be much appreciated.

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Re: Correcting Donation Amounts NOT categories ???


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The total amount cannot be adjusted locally. You will have to contact support at the GSD to get them to make the adjustment.
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